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1.1. Post incorporation actions by incorporator (once the entity is registered, we only have a certificate of incorporation. We need to appoint board of directors (and other officers), resign incorporators/promotors, and issue initial shares)

1.2. Set up bylaws, committees, recurring board meeting,  recurring shareholders meeting

1.3. Send invite for each BOD and Shareholder’s meetings, provide board secretary services (like drafting consents and sending for signature, filing consents in company’s records)

1.4. Update Cap Table (both (1) periodically i.e. track and update SARs and ESOPs and (2) one-off updates i.e. to reflect a sale, purchase, repurchase, cancel of securities, ES, SARs)


2.1. Initial reviews, comments and recommendations

2.2. Recommend external counsel review for limited high-level matters

2.3. Life-cycle management of the contract

2.4. Update internal documents to reflect obligations in the contract


3.1. Contract drafting and negotiating

3.2. SAFE, convertible notes and promissory notes

3.3. Update captable

3.4. Lifecycle management of investment documents

US-Nep Cross Border FDI E2E Support

4.1. Legal and financial due diligence of Nepali entity 

4.2. Strategizing and recommending investment structure 

4.3. Drafting and negotiating investment agreement

4.4. Drafting application documents for government approval of investment

4.5. Processing, following up and coordinating with government authorities to obtain government approval

4.6. On-going legal and [financial] support in Nepal

Legal Drafting

  1. Contract review and prepare analysis
  2. Contract drafting and revision

Document Review and Management

  1. Document and contract review, extraction of data
  2. Summarization of documents
  3. Classification of documents


Why Consider Outsourcing Legal Process Tasks?

  • Cost (lawyer means high cost)
  • Service (lawyers high cost means client avoids certain legal work and takes risk – but with LPO this unhealthy trend reduced)
  • Saves effort (entrepreneurs wears legal, CEO, and CFO hats all at once because of cost and everything – but LPO helps by becoming a seamless assistant in legal work)
  • Saves high clean up cost for ratifications 
  • Saves timeline by avoiding clean-up timeline for ratifications

Why Choose Focus Services for Outsourced investment Solutions?

  • US-based Co. 
  • US-Nep Cross Border FDI E2E Support